Hello bakers! My name’s Nadja, the (not so ) little sister and co-owner of this blog with Emma.


That’s us. I’m the one in the hat.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love for baking and letting my creative mind run as wild as possible! Unfortunately, this does lead to me force feeding my family every bake I make…sorry guys!

As my passion for baking has developed over the years, I’ve been more adventurous in my use of different techniques and recipes. And now I’m beginning to develop some of my own.

Baking with Emma is one of my favourite things to do, as she comes up with the most amazing decorative designs! That, and we have serious boogie sessions in the kitchen. Amazing by the way, can highly recommend.

I am so excited to introduce 10 Years In The Baking to the world. Probably not the best time to start as my GCSEs are right around the corner… But that’s what sisters are for!

Emma and I both hope you love and enjoy the recipes we will be sharing, and hope you enjoy making them as much as we do!

Nadja x